Hardware & Software Sales

Computer Hardware SalesWhy go through the hassle of trying to figure out system compatibilities or understand complex software licensing requirements?

The Computer Hut provides very competitive pricing on many hardware and software products. We partner with leading technology companies and provide professional services to support and implement a variety of solutions.

Ordering online presents a number of challenges:

  • Is it compatibile with our system?
  • What are the licensing requirements?
  • Is the software or vendor legimate?
  • What are the return policies?

The Computer Hut can help you bypass these challenges and not only keep your money in the local economy, but you may also be pleasantly surprised that you could save money.

The Computer Hut is Arkansas’ premier computer consulting company servicing the needs of businesses throughout the state. Many businesses trust The Computer Hut to take care of their IT needs as well as their hardware and software procurement requirements.

Bottom line is we want your technology to truly meet the needs of YOUR organization.

Contact The Computer Hut today to book a no obligation assessment of your IT systems and hardware or software procurement needs. Call us at (501) 907-7700 or (479) 631-7200 or email sales@comp-hut.com.


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Success With Our Clients

We have been using Computer Hut for about a year and a half and we love them. They are prompt to deal with any questions or problems we have, which is essential to a small business. Our assigned technicians are amazing; they are always polite and friendly and go above and beyond in trying to solve our IT problems. I could not be more pleased with our choice to use Computer Hut and would highly recommend them.

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