Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is IT Managed Services?
A:  We manage your hardware, software and networks for a fixed fee. We are responsible for safety, security and reliability of your systems.

Q:  Why should I outsource my IT management?
A:  We run IT more efficiently than you do. This is what we do best. By letting our experts handle your security, reliability and cost management, you can focus on what you do best.
Q:  What is covered by the Computer Hut agreement?
A:  The agreement covers all labor costs for your IT systems including routine service calls, preventative maintenance and system health monitoring.

Q:  What about when we need new equipment?
A:  Your agreement includes consultations for what new equipment would be most suitable for your specific needs both short- and long-term. We’ll also collaborate on timing and fees for installation and integration with existing systems.
Q:  What if we add new users to our systems?
A:  Let us know, and we’ll handle it.

Q:  What are your coverage and support hours?
A:  Our Standard Managed Services support hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central time.  However, our Managed Services response support levels can be up to 24x7x365 depending on the terms of your Managed Services agreement.
Q:  What is the cost for Managed Services?
A:  You pay a monthly fixed rate based on your specific needs, including the size and complexity of your IT systems. Contact us for a consultation and quote.

Q:  How do we get started?
A:  Our initial meetings with potential clients are centered on assessing your current situation and systems so that we can make informed recommendations.  Please Call 501-907-7700, 479-631-7200 or email sales@comp-hut.com to get started.  Many times our initial engagement with a customer is for a specific project or to help with a particular challenge with your IT systems.

Q:  Do you guarantee your service?  
A:  Any company that provides good service will stand behind their work. Our Managed Services Provider agreement provides an out clause with 90 days written notice.  We will deliver the service excellence at the level we commit to or you can fire us on the spot.
And, if you are changing from another Managed Services Provider to The Computer Hut we will guarantee our services and make your transition easier by reducing our rate by up to two months on a two-year agreement.

Q:  Do you provide regular assessments and status updates on my IT infrastructure?
A:  Turning over management of your IT systems requires a certain level of trust. We provide a complete review of your systems periodically (quarterly, semi-annually or annually) to ensure you always know the health of your IT environment. We are happy to provide examples of our reviews performed for other clients.
Q:  Who do I call when there’s an issue? How do you respond? Do you come on site?
A:  We provide a clearly defined plan for both preventive work and troubleshooting. We will spell out in advance who to call and what will happen when that call comes, including on-site visits.

Q:  Have you worked with clients like us before?
A:  We have been in business over 20 years and have worked with companies across many industries including banking, legal, manufacturing, healthcare and many others.  We would love the opportunity to discuss your specific situation with you and we will bring our expertise from our work across industries to address your IT challenges. 
Q:  Do you work with my existing IT staff?
A:  We have a rich history of working collaboratively with IT staffs.  Many times we handle the preventative maintenance and system health monitoring so that internal IT staff members can focus on end user  support.  Other times IT staffs are focused on desktop support and end user services while we manage your server and network infrastructure.  We can also be Tier 2 support for IT staffs for escalation of more persistent challenges.  Regardless of the role, our goal is to work in lock-step with your IT staff and allow them to provide functions that are critical to your business..
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