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Take Your Business To The Next Level With Cloud Productivity

Cloud Solutions offer a competitive edge to our clients who require an affordable service without the limitations of on-premises resources.  From proof-of-concept startups to collaboration on a global scale, leveraging the cloud can be key to achieving your business goals. Things for consideration:
  • Security – Do you know the provider well enough to trust that your business critical data will not be corrupted, destroyed, or leaked? What if your provider goes down or out of business? 
  • Accessibility – Do you have some form of direct access to your data so that you can keep a copy locally ‘just-in-case’? Are you backing up to an alternate cloud to safeguard your data? 
  • Service/Support – Does the company’s support satisfy your internal service levels? Will the quality of service received from the cloud provide less than the service that your employees are accustomed to?  If so, you may need to change some expectations in regards to service. 
  • Control – Going cloud will require you to give up a level of control on many fronts. Be sure that you are OK with this beforehand. Things such as maintenance windows, restorations, and upgrades will be on their schedule and you may not always like what you get. 
  • Cost – Moving some or all of your services to the cloud does not always translate into a cost savings. Many times moving to the cloud is more expensive in the long run (perhaps in the 2nd or 3rd year), so do the math to be sure. 
There are still some compelling reasons for businesses of all sizes to leverage the cloud. In many environments it may not make sense to move everything to the cloud, but it’s not all or nothing. Let’s evaluate your current infrastructure and see what make sense. 

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